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SONAX Beast Wheel & Tire Cleaner 1L


The safest & most effective way to get your wheels clean.
Product Benefits

✓ Highly effective on Baked-on, stubborn brake dust
✓ Safe for use on painted, polished, steel/alloy & ceramic coated rims
✓ Effective iron remover & turns purple as dust/dirt is penetrated
✓ Does not affect TPMS sensors, wheel nuts/bolts, brake callipers or centre locks

Technical Data

Acid-free: Yes

Shipping Information

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SONAX Wheel & Tire Cleaner - the advanced pH neutral, iron removing formula! Now in a huge 1L bottle!

Formulated car wheel cleaner to be safe on all wheel finishes, including painted, chrome, steel, aluminium, ceramic coated, and anodised rims. 100% Acid free. 

The Iron decontamination element helps to break down brake dust and deliver instant results. Just spray it on and watch as the liquid turns purple, letting you see the cleaning power in action.

In just minutes, your wheels will be clean and bright - without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing. 
It comes in a high-quality spray bottle that is both ergonomic and easy to use. German-engineered mag wheel cleaner for superior quality and performance.

Safe on Ceramic coated wheels as well! 

Did you know? SONAX developed the original iron removing wheel cleaner! It all started in the early 2000's when SONAX pioneered the technology.

Researched, developed & manufactured in Germany.