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SONAX Gloss Shampoo


The original SONAX car wash shampoo.
Product Benefits

✓ Leaves a high gloss!
✓ Wax & ceramic coating safe.
✓ Quickly penetrates & dissolves dirt.
✓ Cleans all paint, rubber, plastic, vinyl & glass surfaces.
✓ Phosphate-free & pH neutral.

Technical Data

PH: 7 (Neutral)

Why Buy SONAX?
  • Used by professionals, enthusiasts & approved by OEM Manufacturers.
  • A staple brand since 1950.
  • Researched, developed & made in Germany.
  • Highest quality & performance.
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Product Description

SONAX Gloss Shampoo is a high-quality automotive car wash shampoo to be used through a foam gun or bucket hand wash. The pH neutral and concentrated formula is designed to condition & clean paintwork safely. This Shampoo does not contain any form of sealants or waxes. 

Safe on Matte Painted vehicles as well!

It is specially formulated to gently remove dirt, grime, and road film from your vehicle's exterior without stripping away ceramic coatings, wax or sealants.

The concentrated formula means that a little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice for regular car washing. The gloss-enhancing properties leave your vehicle with a brilliant shine, making it look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Whether you're washing your car by hand or using a carwash cannon, SONAX Gloss Shampoo is the perfect choice for a thorough and gentle clean.


- Ceramic coating safe formula
- Concentrated for maximum cleaning power
- Gloss-enhancing properties.
- Suitable for hand washing or foam cannon use


- Removes dirt, grime, and road film without stripping wax or sealants
- Leaves a brilliant shine on your vehicle's exterior
- Cost-effective due to concentrated formula
- Can be used for regular car washing
- Suitable for all types of vehicles

The benefit of being Phosphate-free: The chemical compounds of Phosphates pollute lakes, bays and streams, which are harmful to human and animal health.