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SONAX is a global leader when it comes to surface care, now available in over 110 countries. SONAX is one of the few companies that researches, develops & manufactures its own products. At SONAX we promise quality & performance, all products undergo strict quality control in Germany.

Article No. Product Name Link to PDF
02012000  SONAX XTREME Brilliant Wax 1 Hybrid NPT Data Sheet
02041000 SONAX XTREME Metal Polish Data Sheet
02072000 SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 2 Hybrid NPT Data Sheet
02101410 SONAX XTREME Plastic Restorer Gel Exterior Data Sheet
02352410 SONAX XTREME Tyre Gloss Gel Data Sheet
02824100 SONAX XTREME Cockpit Cleaner Matt Finish Data Sheet
03382410 SONAX Clear Glass

Data Sheet

02022000 SONAX XTREME Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT

Data Sheet

02212410 SONAX XTREME Interior Cleaner  Data Sheet
02874000 SONAX XTREME Brilliant Shine Detailer Data Sheet
02442000 SONAX XTREME Wash + Seal Data Sheet
02302000 SONAX XTREME Wheel Cleaner Full Effect Data Sheet
02542410 SONAX XTREME Leather Care Milk Data Sheet
03143000 Sonax XTREME Gloss Shampoo Concentrate Data Sheet
02373000 SONAX Profiline Prepare Data Sheet
03711000 SONAX Clear View 1:100 Concentrate Data Sheet
02483000 SONAX XTREME RichFoam Shampoo Data Sheet
06276000 SONAX MULTISTAR Power Cleaner Data Sheet
04743000 SONAX SX90 PLUS Easy Spray Data Sheet
02369410 SONAX PROFILINE CC36 Data Sheet
02083000 SONAX PROFILINE NP 03-06 Data Sheet
02423000 SONAX PROFILINE EX 04-06 Data Sheet
02243000 SONAX PROFILINE Perfect Finish Data Sheet
02243000 SONAX PROFILINE CutMax Data Sheet
02813000 SONAX PROFILINE Leather Cleaner Foam Data Sheet
02823000 SONAX PROFILINE Leather Care Data Sheet
02054050 SONAX PROFILINE Plastic Care Data Sheet
02393000 SONAX UltimateCut 6+ Data Sheet
02103000 SONAX PROFILINE Plastic Protectant Exterior Data Sheet
02305000 SONAX PROFILIME Rim Cleaner 5L  Data Sheet
02435000 SONAX Profiline Spray & Seal 5L Data Sheet
04745050 SONAX SX90 5L Data Sheet
03216050 SONAX Interior Cleaner 10L Concentrate Data Sheet
02453000 SONAX Profiline Ex-Cut 05-05 Data Sheet
03356000 SONAX Profiline Glass Cleaner 10L Data Sheet
05227050 SONAX Gloss Shampoo Concentrate 25L Data Sheet
04502050 SONAX Clay Bar 200g Data Sheet
04506050 SONAX Clay Disc 150mm Data Sheet
04169050 SONAX Power Air Clean Data Sheet
04997000 SONAX SprayBoy Data Sheet
04914000 SONAX Special Brush Data Sheet
04167410 SONAX Textile & Leather Brush Data Sheet
04917000 SONAX Intensive Cleaning Brush Data Sheet
04163410 SONAX Professional Finish Microfibre Cloth Data Sheet
04165000 SONAX Microfibre Cloth Plus Interior and Glass Data Sheet
04508000 SONAX Microfibre Drying Cloth Data Sheet
04507000 SONAX Ultrafine Microfibre Cloths Data Sheet
04172000 SONAX Microfibre Care Pad for Plastics Data Sheet
04222000 SONAX Polishing Cloths Data Sheet
04173000 SONAX Application Sponge Data Sheet
04160000 SONAX Dirt Eraser Sponge Data Sheet
04271410 SONAX Insect Sponge Data Sheet
04280000 SONAX Multi Sponge Data Sheet
04171410 SONAX Super Soft Sponge 2 Pack Data Sheet 
04172410 SONAX Replacement Sponge for P-Ball Data Sheet
04173410 SONAX P-Ball Data Sheet
04175410 SONAX Wheel Sponge Data Sheet
04174000 SONAX Flexi Blade Data Sheet
04973000 SONAX Tap For 10L, 25L and 60L Drums Data Sheet
04938000 SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad DA 143mm Data Sheet
04931410 SONAX Lambswool Pad 133mm Data Sheet
04937410 SONAX Foam Pad Hard 200mm Data Sheet
04931000 SONAX Foam Pad Hard 160mm Data Sheet
04934410 SONAX Orbital Foam Pad Hard 165mm Data Sheet
04934000 SONAX Orbital Foam Pad Hard 143mm Data Sheet
04935000 SONAX FinishPad DA 165mm Data Sheet
04933410 SONAX FinishPad DA 143mm Data Sheet
04936000 SONAX Foam Pad Medium 200mm Data Sheet
04930000 SONAX Foam Pad Medium 160mm Data Sheet
04936410 SONAX Foam Pad Soft 200mm Data Sheet
04932410 SONAX Foam Pad Soft 160mm Data Sheet
04935410 SONAX Foam Pad Medium 80mm 6 Pack Data Sheet
04933000 SONAX Felt Pad 127mm Data Sheet
03231000 SONAX Air Aid Data Sheet