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SONAX Profiline Headlight Restoration Kit


Everything you need to restore headlights to their original clarity.
Product Benefits

✓ Sufficient for 20 applications.
✓ Ensures significant improvement of light output, thus more driving safety.
✓ Provides lasting protection; no need to do several jobs a year on the same vehicle.
✓ Included is 10 x 5ml sachets of headlight coating. One 5ml packet coats 2 headlights.

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The SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit is the ultimate restoration kit for headlights. 

Approved by OSRAM as the kit can restore the headlight to its original clarity. 

Oxidisation, embedded dirt & lack of correct maintenance (eg, use of harsh chemicals) can cause headlights to become hazed, yellow and dull. Luckily, this headlight restore kit can help you restore your headlamps to their original clarity. 

The headlamp restoration process is simple; sand, polish, seal. 

By sanding the surface, you remove the affected layer of the polycarbonate lens. With a fresh layer exposed we can then polish it to perfection & seal the surface with the OSRAM approved headlight coating. 

Try this cost effective solution before you replace your headlights, the results will amaze you! And if you own multiple vehicles or simply wish to have the best solution available, this one's for you. Why? Because it is designed to restore 10 sets of headlights!

Kit Contains:
1 x 250ml Profiline Headlight Polish. (Designed for Polycarbonate)
10 X 5ml Profiline Headlight Coating. (OSRAM tested)
1 x Plush Microfibre Cloth.
1 x 3 inch Lambswool Pad
1 x 15 Polishing Cloths for the headlight sealant.
1 x hand held polishing ball.
1 x P1000 3 inch pad (Wet-Sanding disc)
1 x P2000 3 inch pad (Wet-Sanding Disc)

The car light restoration kit comes in its own hard case! Read or watch our guide below to see it in action!

How to

See the kit in action!


How to:

A great headlight restoration can save you time & money. Here's how to do it!


Using masking tape - mask off the area around your headlights.

Step two

It's time to start wet sanding. Attach the supplied P1000 disc to the SONAX hand applicator (Included).

Use a small amount of soap in a spray bottle mixed with water. This will provide the neccessary lubrication for a smooth sanding process.

In straight motions, sand the headlight until all yellowing/haze is removed. Ensure you cover all areas thoroughly.

Step three

Repeat step two with the supplied P2000 sanding disc.

Dry headlight thouroughly after this step, the headlight is now ready for polishing,

Step four

Attach the supplied wool pad to the SONAX hand applicator.

Apply 4 small dots of the included SONAX Headlight Polish to the wool pad.

Again in straight motions polish the headlight until it becomes glossy & perfectly transparent.

step five

With the headlight now clean & polished. open one satchet of the supplied OSRAM certified headlight coating.

Use satchet for two headlights.

Apply half of the satchet to one of the included SONAX Polishing Cloths.

Apply the coating evenly to the headlight. Wait 30 seconds & gently remove any excess coating.

Repeat for the next headlight & you're all done, enjoy!

Watch the video below to see it in action.