No matter if small car, mid range vehicle or luxury motorhome - whether in motor sport, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic automobiles. SONAX is always at the side of car fans & experts when it comes to the perfect appearance of the automobile.


About Mega Moto Pty Ltd

After two years of operating in the Australian market the SONAX brand has gained a holistic understanding of the local car care market.

The two SONAX product lines, DIY Xtreme and Profiline, confidently meet the needs of car owners and professionals alike. It is further noteworthy that all SONAX products are environmentally safe and labelled in accordance with the Australian Safety Standards.

All our products perform as intended, meeting and regularly exceeding our customer’s expectations.

As a testament to our DIY product line, many professionals choose to also use the DIY products in their daily business and frequently recommend these to their clients.

The current market expansion has also seen SONAX service commercial vehicles such as trucks, public transport, and boats.

The SONAX product line provides solutions for any car care requirement, delivering outstanding results. By relying on a single brand from a single source SONAX creates ease for customers through complementary products that work effectively to meet their needs.

For professionals, utilizing a single brand can provide advantages through process streamlining, simplification of staff training and consistent performance by reducing complexity.

It is further noteworthy that all SONAX products are environmentally safe and labelled in accordance with the Australian Safety Standards.

Building on the 70 year SONAX history of innovation, the Mega Moto team is here to deliver this excellent product our Australian customers at a competitive price point along with outstanding service.

We thank you for your trust and look forward to growing the business with your support.

How a little tin of wax became SONAX...

The history of SONAX dates back to 1903. At that time, Franz Hoffmann, the great-grandfather of the current owner in Neuburg on the Danube river, built silica from, a very fine mineral, which was used in household polishes.

Great-grandson, Manfred Hoffman:
"Consistent customer orientation, uncompromising willingness and our firm roots at the Neuburg site is what makes SONAX strong."


SONA precious hard wax. After the second world war Franz Hoffman began with the production of car care products. The brand “SONA” was mainly used for silver cleaning agents in the household sector- for car care products the brand name “SONAX “was introduced by adding X as a synonym for WAX. The beginning was simple: Four SONAX representatives drove through Germany in a fully loaded VW Beetle. At the time personal contact with customers was very important and advertising was unthinkable!

At that time the petrol attendant was usually responsible for the perfectly clean vehicle!

As the German economy grew the breakthrough for Sonax car care products came along.  From the mid 1960’s, SONAX supplied the first fully automatic washing systems with high quality cleaning and care products. At the same time the DIY car care program was continuously being developed. More and more people bought their own cars. On Saturdays the car was ritually rinsed, rarely by the petrol attendant but mostly by the proud owner himself. The demand for car care products rose rapidly and with it the success of the SONAX brand. Soon Sonax opened up new markets: the agricultural industry, the hardware industry, forestry, construction, manufacturing technology and the sanitary industry all count on SONAX premium products.

Today you can find SONAX products in over 100 countries around the world. The export share has grown to 43%. SONAX products worldwide stand for the highest quality, “made in Germany” and impress with their outstanding effect and exemplary product performance. This is underscored by a multitude of test sequences and awards given by independent institutions such as DEKRA or GTÜ to SONAX products year after year.


Brilliant ideas for today and tomorrow, a woman looks in the microscope…. SONAX research department is committed to making good products even better. The permanent process of innovating ensures that SONAX stays abreast and keeps attracting attention in the marketplace. The excellent test carried out by leading car magazines such as “Auto Bild”, “Auto and Motor Sport”, or the “Auto Zeitung”, (all well recognized and respected German media) again and again prove the high competence of SONAX research and development

With this quality SONAX is able to meet the highest quality standards and positions itself as a strong partner in international motor sport. This is confirmed by partnerships with Hans Joachim Stuck, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna and now in Formula-E. SONAX is the official supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes in Formula 1, Team Arden International in GP2, British Touring Car Championship, Australian V8 Supercars Series, American Champ Car Atlantic Championship.

Despite the rapid career from silver cleaning agent to the world-famous premium manufacturer of care products of all kinds SONAX has always remained a family business.