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SONAX Ceramic Coating Maintenance Kit

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The perfect kit to maintain a Ceramic Coated Vehicle for years to come.
Product Benefits

✓ PH neutral shampoo
✓ Suits sealed or ceramic-coated cars
✓ Revive beading, sheeting & gloss!
✓ Soft & gentle, double-sided sponge
✓ Microfibre towel for effortless drying

Why Buy SONAX?
  • Used by professionals, enthusiasts & approved by OEM Manufacturers.
  • A staple brand since 1950.
  • Researched, developed & made in Germany.
  • Highest quality & performance.
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Do you have a Ceramic Coated vehicle? 


Our SONAX Profiline CC36 Ceramic Coating has been an excellent option for enthusiasts & professionals alike. However, like all Ceramic Coatings - CC36 requires maintenance. If cared for correctly, CC36 will last 3 years + as intended. 

Included in this kit: 

- SONAX Gloss Shampoo 1L 
- SONAX Spray+Seal 750ml
- SONAX Multi sponge 

Here's a quick list of things to avoid when caring for your Ceramic Coating.

  1. Avoid washing with highly alkaline or acidic cleaners.

These will shorten the lifespan of any ceramic coating. Instead, use a pH-neutral shampoo.

  1. Avoid using a contaminated and old sponge.

Using an old sponge might feel like it's working better for you. However, more often than not, it also leaves fine scratch marks that, over time, build up and damage the paint. Use a soft clean sponge that will give your car the protection it needs. Consider the baby's bottom test - would I use this on a baby's bottom? ...or even yours.

  1. Apply a spray sealant after 3-4 washes.

The best thing about a spray sealant is that it helps revive the water-repellent properties of Ceramic Coating, and being a spray means it's quick and easy to apply.

  1. Noticed water-spots?

Ceramic coatings are prone to water spots due to the high-contact angles that leave mineral deposits on the paint. To avoid these, simply dry the vehicle post-wash to remove any excess water. Microfibre towels work best, as they're easy to use and have a higher soak-up capacity.

So there you have it, some really simple tips to prolong the life of your Ceramic Coating, making your vehicle shine for much longer.