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The 2022 test winner of the AUTO BILD car shampoo test is Sonax Gloss Shampoo 10/06/2022!

What is AUTO BILD?

Auto Bild is the highest circulated car magazine in the world, published in 30 countries. Its philosophy is to personally get its hands dirty with various cars to give its readers unbiased reviews. The magazine is comfortably #1 in the UK under the banner Auto Express. It ranks among the most popular illustrated magazines of any type.

However, what sets Auto Bild apart from everything else in the market and makes it the most circulated car magazine, is its test regime. The test procedures and rating system employed for each car evaluation or car product is easily the most scientific, rigorous and unbiased.

For all those like-minded die-hard car enthusiasts, car buyers and owners, this also allows you to read the reviews of experts who don't mince words and mean only business. 

Auto Bild tested 9 top car shampoo brands:

Autoshampoos im Test (2022) - AUTO BILD (Original Article)

To establish which car shampoo has the best overall performance.

  • How well the shampoo mixes and dissolves in water
  • Cleaning ability
  • Foam remaining after ten minutes

How Auto Bild with the automotive expert organization KÜS performed the testing.

  • New car shampoos were evaluated.
  • They tested a neutral detergent to see if there were any differences.
  • All samples were anonymized.
  • The test took place at the car care product manufacturer Sonax in the development and application technology departments.
  • A plain white car that has not been washed for two months serves as the test object.
  • A sponge soaked in the cleaning solution is wiped: down, up, down.
  • All products were tested on one side of the same vehicle.
  • After wiping, we rinsed with water.
  • After a total of four test runs, we found that there were no visible residues of dirt on the cotton pads of any product - a tie!
  • In order to see whether dirt remains, we wiped the still wet, cleaned surfaces with cotton pads.
  • Finally, we checked the cotton pads for visible dirt residue.
  • The pH value was then measured in the laboratory, and the material compatibility was checked on polycarbonate test strips (48 hours at 80° C), on plastic (radiator grille, 20° C) and on rubber (door seal, 20° C).

The test results at a glance.

Because car shampoos are the most sold car care products, Auto Bild wanted to establish which of the 9 chosen car shampoos come highly recommended? Surprisingly, we did not find any differences in the cleaning performance of any tested shampoos!

However, there were significant differences in the dosage per ten litres of water: There are simply no discernible differences in the most crucial property of shampoo, cleaning! Therefore, full marks for all cleaning. The results in terms of handling and material compatibility are the only minimal differences. Kärcher's shampoo stands out because the amount of product required for ten litres of water is extremely high - almost four euros per bucket!

Sonax achieves the maximum number of points in all criteria. Sonax shampoo attained a grade of 1.1 (very good).

In the extensive AUTO BILD car shampoo test 2022, the Sonax Gloss Shampoo emerged as the test winner.