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Want to restore, revive or deep clean your leather steering wheel? Read this guide before you dive into leather steering wheel repairs.

Watch the video below or continue reading to find out how you can get a new steering wheel again! 

Leather steering wheels are now more common than ever before. A steering wheel is a central component of any vehicle interior, so looking after it is crucial for great resale value & longevity. 

By following this guide you will prevent your leather steering wheel from cracking, fading due to sun damage & stop it from drying out. Once leather is damaged, often from harsh chemicals & neglect - it requires professional repair or replacement. 

This process is ideal for new or old vehicles, and often completely revives leather steering wheels back to a 'like new' condition. 

1. Gather Your Supplies: Essential Leather Care Products

  • Leather Cleaner: SONAX Profiline Leather Cleaner.
  • Leather Protection: SONAX Profiline Leather Protection.
  • Plastic Cleaner: SONAX Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner
  • Leather Brush: SONAX Textile + Leather Brush. 
  • Detailing Brush: SONAX Detailing Brush.
  • And 2-3 microfibre towels. 

2. Cleaning The Leather

Using your leather cleaner, apply a healthy dose to your leather brush and gently scrub the leather - allow the product to do the work. Harsh scrubbing is not necessary. After a thorough brushing, remove any excess material with a clean microfibre towel. 

3. Cleaning The Plastic Components

Using your plastic cleaning product & the detailing brush, gently brush all plastic components to remove any dirt or debris. Wipe dry with a clean microfibre towel. 

4. Apply Leather Protection

Applying a leather protection product is crucial to ensure the leathers condition is maintained correctly. Using a soft applicator, evenly apply your leather care product. Remove excess material from the leather. 

5. Enjoy!

You're all good to go. It's simple & easy to have a brand new steering wheel again. We recommended applying leather protection every 6 months for optimal performance. 

The Leather Steering wheel looks new again. With that fantastic matt finish leather should have. Shiny leather is dirty leather!

And remember, leather is from a living organism. Harsh chemicals will simply damaged the leather and dry it out. Use safe products to ensure a great result that lasts. 

Thanks for reading!