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Tyre shine is one of the significant factors in improving your vehicle's overall look. It is commonly applied in a way that can compromise your clean vehicle. Not to worry, though; here are a few simple tips to avoid your freshly cleaned vehicle getting splattered in the application process. The application begins with the correct technique and ends with using the right product, a colourless gel! Let's talk through the crucial 3-steps of applying tyre gel. 

1. One should always apply Tyre shine gel to a pre-cleaned tyre so the active ingredients can work their way into the tyre. The SONAX Tyre Gel is engineered to act as a rubber conditioner (prevents brown residue called blooming), and premature tyre-cracking  keeping the sidewalls of your tyres looking fresh. As mentioned, to achieve this, a clean side wall is required, and our pH-neutral shampoos do an excellent job here.

2. Here comes the fun part! Once your tyres are completely dry, grab a foam applicator and put a liberal amount of gel on it. Evenly spread the gel around the tyre's sidewall, making sure to reach all spots (you may have to move your vehicle half a wheel rotation forwards to reach the bottom of the sidewall).

3. Now that your tyres sidewalls are evenly coated we want to let the gel marinate on the tyre for a moment before we grab an old microfibre or that ugly T-shirt you haven't worn in months and rub down the sidewall. This will take the excess gel off and leave the tyre looking brand new! 

With these three easy steps, you will have an amazing result every time without the disappointment of having a bunch of tyre shine fling over your car after you have just cleaned the car. Get out there and make your car look the way she deserves to!