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Smelly A/C? Don't worry - We've all had it.

If you don't regularly detail your car's interior, many unpleasant odours will make it inside your vehicle.
There's also the matter of bacteria or allergens that may build up over the years, which could lead to allergic reactions or foul-smelling cabin altogether.
Should you happen to have companions along for the ride, let's say that this might leave them unimpressed - by your smelly car!

Signs that Your Car Air Conditioning & Cabin Has Bacteria

  • An obnoxious odour, e.g. old cigarette smell, sour milk
  • Musty air, your car's A/C system could be growing mould.
  • The cabin air filter is dirty.

So, here is how we can fix it:

For a fast & easy solution, you will need an A/C cleaning bomb.

We used the Sonax Car A/C Cleaner. This small, unassuming spray can make all those foul odours disappear, rid the cabin of bacteria or mould.
Additionally leaving a neutral, clean, hygienic smell.

Step 1: Prepare Your Car

Start your engine, turn on your A/C & set the fans to maximum airflow. Make sure your air recirculation setting is switched on.
Before you start, ensure all windows & doors are closed. (If needed, move front seats forward.)

Step 2: Let The Show Begin!

You are close to having a fresh, hygienic interior! Simply remove the safety lock from the AirAid can, and twist to lock it on. (See picture below).

Step 3: Place It & Relax!

Now the AirAid is locked on, quickly place the can in the rear footwell of your vehicle, proceed to exit the vehicle being sure to close the door after you.
Allow the can to completely dispense. Let the product do its work for 5 minutes with the vehicle running.
After 5 minutes open all doors and let the vehicle air out for 10 minutes. (You can turn the car off now).

Step 4: Enjoy Fresh, Odour Free A/C

You are all done! no more smelly Air Con!

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