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When choosing a ceramic coating, there are many factors one has to consider, as all the products on the market vary in nearly every way except that they all have SIO2 tech in them. For someone planning to coat a car themselves, factors to consider would be ease of application, chemical exposure, durability, and the nature of the type of coating to suit your environment. 


The power of flexibility is not to be underestimated because SONAX CC36 takes pride in being one of the few coatings on the market with this feature. Now you may ask why I need my coating to have flexibility. The answer is, in fact, quite simple, all panels on vehicles naturally expand with heat and contract when cold. Whilst this is slight, these changes can cause stress fractures in extremely hard coatings, which is disastrous to resolve once it has begun. 


Due to this aerosol-based 2-stage coating, it is possibly one of the easiest coatings one can apply to a vehicle. The application is split into sections, eliminating the chance of accidentally building high spots, which is every ceramic coating's biggest downside. The basecoat is applied to the vehicle and set to bond + cure for approximately 60 seconds. Then it is flattened off with a microfibre cloth. Once this process is completed on the entire vehicle, including wheels and plastics, there's a flash-off time of one hour - before the gloss coat is applied. Gloss coat application is the second stage of the coating providing the hydrophobic profound, dazzling shine effect to provide further protection and longevity to the exterior of your vehicle. 

Now here is something everyone loves to skip over, but we like to look it right in the eyes and tell you how it is. We know ceramic coatings are not the healthiest chemicals to expose yourself to. Our laboratory technicians in Germany spent years developing a non-compromised coating without fluorine and came up with CC36. Fluorine is harmful to humans, yet it is found in many coatings nowadays. Whilst we still don't recommend spraying our coating in your mouth, it is the least harmful to one's body.


A general guideline of 36 months is said to be the lifetime of this coating. Like any coating, it needs to be maintained. Use a PH-neutral shampoo and an annual polymer-based top-up of the gloss coat. Brilliant Shine Detailer and gloss shampoo are excellent maintenance products for a long-lasting healthy coating. With simple maintenance, many vehicle coatings have outlasted their due dates when inspected by us.

To make things easier, we have shot a quick step-by-step video of how we coated a brand-new Genesis GV70!