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In the last few years SONAX has developed a brand new range of ceramic products to become the market leader in the segment of performance, longevity and user safety. The products that are introduced in Feb of 2023 for Australian market are the All-in-one ceramic polish, ceramic active shampoo, ceramic spray coating and ceramic ultra slick detailer.

All-in-One Ceramic Polish

The new Ceramic Polish All-In-One removes swirls and scratches and restore painted surfaces with a hologram free gloss. This ceramic polish will also leave a durable dirt and water repellant protective barrier for up to 6 months – all in one single step. The Si-Carbon technology produces a very smooth and slick surface, giving the paintwork a durable mirror-like shine. This compound is designed to be used on a DA polisher or with a P-ball by hand. 


Ceramic Active Shampoo 

The all new SiO2 based car wash shampoo is designed to clean and ceramic protect all exterior surfaces of the car. Additional benefits are that dirt and water repellant/beeding properties are increased along with a boosted gloss level. Sonax recommends this shampoo as a maintenance wash for vehicles that have been ceramic coated to increase health and longevity of the coating. 


Ceramic Spray Coating 


The fastest ceramic coating one can apply with the power of durability and colour enhancement. Long-term sealing protects the treated surfaces from dirt, insects and road salt, making car washing much easier. A high gloss and permanent water beading effect is achieved with minimal effort. The Si-Carbon Technology ensures a velvety soft surface and mirror-like shine. 


Ceramic Ultra slick Detailer 

A quick detailer to seal the exterior surfaces of a vehicle and provide short term protection. Gloss level is increased. Excellent service product on a ceramic coating to maintain its longevity. 


These products allow the power of ceramic treatments to the end consumer without requiring the in-depth knowledge or skill to apply profiline ceramic coatings. There's no excuse not to ceramic protect your car anymore!