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Have you heard 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and lifetime? At the end of the day it really is a question of how long is a piece of string. There is no one defined answer of how long any ceramic coating will last. Inherently there are some coatings that perform somewhat better than others because they may have better chemical resistance or bonding capability to paint. However when you take all the smoking mirrors out of the equation, a ceramic coating will only last as long as it is maintained. 


Ceramic coatings have been around for a while now and the reality is more apparent nowadays. Initially ceramic coatings meant to many that the car is scratch resistant, stone chip resistant and fire proof. It quickly became apparent that all these claims were myths and the reality is that the benefits were actually very different as nobody has invented a miracle coating.......yet. 

A ceramic coatings biggest benefit is UV protection of the paint which is extremely important in harsh conditions with a lot of sun exposure. Secondly, the ease of cleaning the vehicle is massively improved as the sealed surfaces don't allow dirt to heavily bond. Thirdly, the colour enhancement of a coated vehicle improves drastically. 

To answer the real question we have all been asking for years, how long does a ceramic coating last? It lasts as long as you maintain it. ALL ceramic coatings need maintenance with PH neutral ONLY washes. Car shampoos vary in ph value to cater for different needs, whilst an acidic shampoo will be an effective cleaner, it also strips any coating and destroys exterior plastic trims + rubbers. On the flipside a product that is too alkaline will have a similar effect on the vehicle. Yet........ PH neutral maintenance is unfortunately not the only thing required to have a ceramic coating last. Every ceramic coating on the market requires an annual service to last the time promised. 


Here at SONAX we like to be transparent with our customers as we have proudly produced car care products for 70 years. Our reputation is a crucial aspect to our company and therefore we give a lifetime of 3 years to our coating to avoid any wrongful claims. On many occasions have we seen our coatings by far long outlive the 3 year lifetime with correct maintenance and servicing. Without any maintenance or incorrect procedures, every coating in the world will break down and no longer provide protection. 

If your car has recently been coated and you're looking to maintain it, here is a 3 point checklist to help!

1. PH neutral Shampoo washes only (SONAX GLOSS Shampoo)

2. Polymer top up every 3rd wash or so for optimal life span of coating (SONAX Spray&Seal)

3. Always self wash your vehicle so you know the right chemicals are being used. Even when your vehicle is in for a dealership service with a free wash. I know a free wash is appealing but it can take just one heavily acidic wash to completely ruin your ceramic coating. Here's a complete kit to take all the hassle out of finding what you need to safely maintain your coating.