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SONAX XTREME Upholstery + Alcantara® Cleaner Foam


Alcantara/upholstery looking grim? We've got you covered.
Product Benefits

✓ Loosen matted/flattened alcantara fibres.
✓ Foam penetrates dirt deposits.
✓ Eliminates odours & Leaves a clean scent.
✓ Revives original colours.
✓ Next level upholstery cleaner.

Why Buy SONAX?
  • Used by professionals, enthusiasts & approved by OEM Manufacturers.
  • A staple brand since 1950.
  • Researched, developed & made in Germany.
  • Highest quality & performance.
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This car interior cleaning foam is a winner for us. Here's why...

Alcantara is a wonderful material with excellent functionality & appearance. We find plenty of it in premium vehicles. This is fantastic, well... how do I maintain it?

Well that's a problem the team at SONAX HQ decided to tackle head on & deliver a solution they did! After plenty of late nights were spent in the lab, the perfect alcantara & upholstery cleaner was born. 

Designed to lift dirt, revive flat/matted Alcantara & restore original colours, it does exactly that. An extremely unique formula being one of the few available products to actually address this scenario

Additionally, the foam performs as a legendary upholstery cleaner. You can be sure spilt coffee (from a late night drive to the lab), ice cream, sauce etc will be swiftly served a slice of SONAX after a treatment of XTREME Alcantara & Upholstery foam.

How to apply:

  1.  Spray soiled areas and gently work with a soft brush.

  2. Let the product work in for 5 - 10 minutes.

  3. Wipe off with a damp sponge/microfibre cloth and leave to dry.

  4. Repeat for stubborn dirt/stains or foul odours.

  5. Vacuum or brush.