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Car washing is something we all do to preserve and maintain our car. The last thing we want is for our effort to cause damage to our much loved cars but unfortunately it is all too common. For that reason we have decided to put 3 easy tips to look out for when car washing in this article. 

As a professional detailer, the first thing I like to tell people who ask me for advice is to use never use a dirt contaminated washing utensil. May this be your uncles old car wash sponge in the shed or the brush at the self serve car wash, neither of these will do you any favours. I see cars everyday with heavily swirled and scratched paint for this very reason. Start out with a fresh sponge or wash glove and return it to your bucket after every wash stroke for rinsing. Never rest your sponge on the ground to avoid contamination. 

The second most common issue I come across are wheels that have seen better days. It is a common practice for people to wash their wheels with heavily acidic wheel cleaners causing the paint to dull off, plastic centres to peel and promote corrosion. Wheel cleaners should be PH neutral (meaning acid-free and non alkaline) as they are just as sensitive of a surface as the rest of the vehicle. Look out for this the next time you're looking to clean your wheels. 

The third and final most important aspect of achieving a damage free wash is making sure to use the right car wash shampoo. It must provide a good source of lubrication to allow dirt particles to slide off the surface of the vehicle and avoid scratches. Make sure to use a PH neutral soap here as well to prevent dulling of your paint, corrosion, sealant stripping and general wear and tear. 

Here are my 3 most important tips to follow when washing your car. Use these tips to maximise your cars beautiful shine for as long as possible. 

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