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Now here is how we managed to save the original paint on this 1995 V12 BMW 850ci. The owner of this classic BMW was faced with a hard question of having the vehicle completely stripped to every last clip for a professional grade respray or giving it the sonax treatment. Plastic components would inevitably be damaged during disassembly of the car simply due to its age and are scarce to come by nowadays. This is why we tackled this paint correction with both hands, let me tell you how we did it. 

Single stage red paints are notorious to get badly oxidised over time and create a pink film over the surface of the paint. Polishing the oxidation off allows you to then see what you're dealing with and how good the end result can be. After we cut the car with Ultimate cut 6+ we found that the paint had gotten to a stage where it was massively improvable yet perfection was unfortunately no longer possible. Once most of the imperfections had been pulled out we passed over the entire vehicle with Perfect finish to increase the gloss to the maximum level. 

At this stage the vehicle looked amazing already but we couldn't wait to see what it would look like after the CC evo was applied. The reason a coating was important here was because these red paints tend to easily fade off if the surface is left exposed after a polish. Our flagship ceramic coating has a dual stage sealing effect which therefore produces a much longer lasting effect of gloss, slickness and colour enhancement. 

Now there was nothing left to do other than deep clean the interior along with a leather cleaning and moisturising protection. These steps brought the leather back up to the original soft feel (which the owner of the car loved). 

Here is a video that runs through the whole process from start to finish: