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SONAX Pet Hair Brush

SKU: Article No: 04914000

Professional upholstery, carpet valet and pet hair remover.
Product Benefits

✓ Handy brush with rubber bristles for quick removal of sticky pet hair from your vehicle, textile surfaces such as seats, home couches, upholstery and carpets.
✓ Static effect, due to rubber bristles that attract pet hair as you brush.
✓ Soft bristles protect textile surfaces.
✓ Ergonomic handle for ease of use.

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High-quality animal hair remover brush that is long-lasting. Simply sweep pet hairs away and this will achieve cleanliness and hygiene, quickly and effectively in your vehicle and your home. Fantastic pet hair remover for carpet.

Ideal for pet hair removal in car interiors.

Fun Tip: Dogs and cats enjoy a relaxed fur massage and care, thanks to the soft rubber bristles. Acts as a great dog deshedding tool.