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SONAX Paint Correction Kit


The essentials for DIY paint correction.
Product Benefits

- Professional grade compounds.
- 2 stage process = pro results.
- Low dust.
- Water based.
- Perfect for Paint correction.

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Perhaps you have a DA polisher? or you're wanting to venture into the world of detailing?

Either way, we've assembled some essential compounds & pads here to take you to the next level. You see, OS 02-06 & Ultimate Cut have a 'cult' like following among high end detailers & industry professionals...

& There's a few reasons for this...

These compounds are designed for professionals. That means you're not going to be temporarily hiding scratches, only for them to appear days later. We support true polishing results at SONAX. 

Dust is no issue... Because our compounds are low dust. You may not believe it, but dust can be a huge problem. We think it's best to avoid it completely - So if you're trying to find more dust for your garage, you won't find it here. 

They're water based - Like us. That means no stained trims, plastics or rubber. You also get the added bonus of super long working times, so a small amount of compound goes a long way. 

So what do you need to Cut & Polish your car? 

1. A DA polisher is best if you're new to polishing. You can get amazing results without embarking on the steep learning curve a rotary polisher requires. 

2. Clean paintwork. Never work on dirty/contaminated paintwork. 

3. Clean microfiber towels, a cutting pad and a finishing pad. 

4. Last but not least, compounds. 

Now the only thing left to do is find your first vehicle to work on (Probably your own) & start polishing. 

We also stock all types of paint protectants if you are looking to seal your paintwork after polishing.