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SONAX Microfibre Wheel Rim Brush


The SONAX microfibre rim brush is a specialised tool designed for cleaning rims of all shapes & sizes.
Product Benefits

✓ High quality microfibre bristles.
✓ Foam grip on carbon fibre handle.
✓ Round foam backer.
✓ Ergonomic design for fast cleaning.

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The SONAX microfibre rim brush is a specialised cleaning tool designed for cleaning hard-to-reach areas on car rims. It features a long carbon fibre handle that allows for easy access to tight spaces, such as between spokes and behind brake callipers.

The brush head is made of soft, yet durable microfibre material (SONAX Ultra Microfibre) that effectively removes dirt and grime without scratching or damaging the rim's finish. The microfibre bristles are designed to be gentle on delicate surfaces, while also being effective at removing stubborn brake dust and road grime.


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