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SONAX Insect Sponge + Glass Cleaning Sponge

SKU: Article No: 04271410

The SONAX Insect sponge is designed to safely remove insects & tough grime off of paintwork, plastic & glass.
Product Benefits

✓ Strong and durable, mesh-covered insect remover.
✓ Removes insect residue from glass, paint surfaces and plastics without leaving scratches.
✓ Makes the job quick and easy.
✓ Easily removes paint damaging birdlime.

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The SONAX Insect sponge is made of a unique, open-cell foam material that is specifically designed to break down and lift off insect remains and other stubborn stains.

The insect sponge has a special textured surface that helps to scrub away debris and stains without damaging the surface underneath. The sponge is also highly absorbent, allowing for efficient cleaning and reducing the need for excessive scrubbing or wiping.

In addition to insect residue, the SONAX insect sponge can be used to remove other tough stains, such as:
- Tar
- Tree sap
- Bird droppings
- Industrial fallout

It is also a fantastic tool to pre-clean glass to remove any stains or smudges before using a glass specific cloth for streak-free cleaning. 

The sponge is safe to use on all automotive surfaces, including paint, glass, and plastic.

The insect sponge is easy to use and can be used with soaps, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners. Its durable construction ensures that it can be used for years to come, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle/s.

Overall, the SONAX insect sponge is an essential tool for any car enthusiast or detailer looking to effectively remove stubborn stains and maintain the appearance of their vehicle without damaging it.