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SONAX Dirt Eraser Sponge

SKU: Article No: 04160000

Fine-pored magic sponge for removing stubborn dirt deposits & light scratches from plastic parts. Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Product Benefits

✓ Extracts contaminants from sealed plastic surfaces.
✓ Deeply cleans with minimal effort.
✓ Perfect for restoring light coloured interior pieces.
✓ Scuff marks e.g. shoe polish comes off with ease!
✓ Can remove wax and polish residue off of plastic & rubber.

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Product Description

The SONAX Dirt Eraser. Chemical free.

An easy & safe way to clean up dirty or lightly scratched automotive plastics. Extra thick for long lasting cleaning power.

Ideal to use on:
- Kick panels
- Door cards
- Plastic panels
- Plastic trims & rubbers

2 SONAX Dirt Erasers per pack.

Handy tip: Dampen the Sonax Dirt Eraser with water/soap to remove polish residue on exterior plastic parts.