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SONAX Clay Bar

SKU: 04501050

Super fine clay for paintwork decontamination.
Product Benefits

✓ Paint decontamination for professional and DIY use.
✓ It removes paint overspray, industrial dust, surface rust, tree sap, tar and insect residue.
✓ The high-quality clay can be kneaded, creating a fresh surface to be re-used repeatedly.
✓ 100g bar.

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Designed to remove contaminants from paintwork. Use with a clay lube such as clear glass or gloss shampoo (1:200 dilution). Made of fine rubber and synthetic resin. It is easy and convenient to use time & time again.

Tip: After use mist the clay bar with Brilliant Shine Detailer - Seal in a sand-which bag. Place in supplied container to keep it soft & for an easy release after storage.


1. Wash your car.

2. Work your piece of clay into a disc, that fits the palm of your hand. Be sure not to drop the clay bar, avoid dirt & debris. 

3. Spray car surface with lubricant, e.g. SONAX Clear Glass, generously cover the surface.

4. Take the clay and gently rub the surface in straight motions. 

5. Once you have completed a section, knead the clay before the next section for a fresh side.

6. Dry surface with a clean microfibre cloth.

7. Run your hand over to check smoothness of the surface.

8. Follow up with polish, wax or sealant.