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SONAX Bike Polish Spray Wax

SKU: 08332000
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Bike protection made easy!
Product Benefits

✓ Easy application
✓ Long lasting protection
✓ High gloss finish
✓ Water and dirt repellent
✓ Prevent corrosion and oxidisation

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Unleash the brilliance of your bike with SONAX Bike Spray Wax, offering cutting-edge bike protection designed to elevate your cycling experience. This advanced formula effortlessly leaves a stunning, high-gloss finish that turns heads on the road and on the MTB tracks.

SONAX Bicycle Polish goes beyond just dirt repellence – it creates a long-lasting protective layer, shielding your bike from the elements and ensuring a prolonged lifespan. The quick and easy application process makes it perfect for cyclists on the go or at home, providing maximum shine with minimal effort.

Versatility is at the core of this spray bike polish, catering to all bike surfaces, from metal frames to delicate carbon fibre components. Its unique nano-technology ensures a deep, comprehensive clean, reaching even the tiniest crevices. Plus, eco-conscious riders will appreciate the environmentally friendly formulation, combining effectiveness with a minimal ecological footprint.

Preserve your bike's resale value, save time, and enjoy a ride with SONAX Bike Spray Wax. Elevate your cycling adventures by ordering now and experiencing a level of cleanliness and protection that sets your bike apart. Ride with SONAX!