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There are many fallacies and very few concrete facts about the correct care for a leather interior.

Let's clarify!

I want you to be able to give your cars' leather the maintenance it needs, and it will look good for years to come!

Car Leather Myth 1: My new car leather doesn't need care-DEBUNKED!

This particular myth is costing new car owners a lot of money!

Guys, this is a misconception.

Here's the truth:

Modern car leather upholstery has a super thin vinyl coating. This protection does not negate the need for regular care.

While new manufacturing technologies mean that modern leathers' durability has improved, your upholstery still needs regular cleaning and conditioning treatment.

Car Leather Myth 2: Once the new car leather scent is gone, you can't get it back- DEBUNKED!

The fresh scent of fine leather is alluring. One can maintain this beautiful smell of leather.

Correctly maintained, and your cars' leather interior scent will remain for many years to come.

If you are not smelling the leather upholstery in your car, we have a solution for you. You can partially restore it with SONAX Xtreme Leather Care Milk.

Car Leather Myth 3: Some believe that a cream leather conditioner is best-DEBUNKED!

If your car was manufactured before the 1990s, this might be true.

The problem is a cream-based conditioner does not penetrate micro-perforations in a vinyl coating. Leather with this vinyl has been in 95% of all cars manufactured after 1996. The cream only treats the vinyl coating.

What is required is an excellent liquid leather conditioner that penetrates the leather to hydrate and condition.

Car Leather Myth 4: Water will stain leather, so don't get your leather wet-DEBUNKED!

Pure water will not damage leather.

Consider that leather is tanned and cured using water. What's damaging to leather (stain-wise)are the substances in the water.

Leather upholstery can be safely wiped down with a damp cloth.

One can even lightly scrub it with an appropriate brush a bucket of soapy water.

Thoroughly dry the leather surfaces after it gets wet with a soft dying cloth. To make sure no discolouration of the leather will happen.

Car Leather Tips & Product Suggestions

Take regular care of your cars' interior. That means frequent cleaning and conditioning.

Do this, and it won't require heavy cleaning and conditioning. You'll save time and money.

We recommend cleaning and conditioning your vehicle leather upholstery at least four times each year. Of course if possible, monthly is ideal.